To qualify for STD benefits, you must show that your illness or injury prevents you from doing the necessary duties of your own employment. This period is referred to as “own occupation.” To demonstrate this, your insurance provider will ask your doctor to write a statement outlining your restrictions and disability. You will also need to fill out an application form on your own. For more details, please refer to this blog article.


You must comprehend the payment terms for your attorney. We will go into great detail at your initial consultation on how our legal fees and costs will operate in your particular case so that you are fully aware of your options before deciding whether or not to move further.


If you have experienced a severe and protracted condition, the Canada Pension Plan may be able to pay you a monthly disability payment. Customers are encouraged to apply for this benefit. Many contracts for disability insurance stipulate that the injured party must use for this benefit.

Claiming disability benefits in Milton, Oakville, and Burlington

Disability benefits may be able to assist you in getting through a challenging time in your life. However, applying for disability payments is not always as easy as you think. Contact our legal team for a free, in-person consultation if you are drafting a claim or if your disability payments have been denied or are less than expected.

For 50 years, Martin & Hillyer Associates has assisted people in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Halton Hills, and Georgetown with their disability claims. Our insurance litigation team consists of Bruce Hillyer, Stephen Abraham, David Hayward, Claire Wilkinson, Laura Hillyer, and James Page, who is familiar with the claims process and some of the most frequent justifications for denials. We have the knowledge and experience to increase your claim’s prospects of success and, if required, to challenge an improper benefit rejection.


To provide you with the individualized guidance you require to meet your recuperation objectives, our neighbourhood attorneys will take the time to comprehend your particular desires. Please find out more about our individualized strategy and the impact hiring a local car accident attorney may have.

Short and Longterm Disability Lawyers

You anticipate that your disability payments will be available to you when you need them if you are forced to stop working due to an illness or injury. Numerous workplaces offer short-term disability insurance, which will pay you a portion of your income for the first few months you are out of the workforce. If you have long-term disability (LTD) benefits, they may continue to pay you an income after that and frequently until you reach retirement age.

You must pass specific legal requirements to be eligible for these rewards. These evaluations differ from policy to policy and typically evolve, but ultimately they determine whether you can return to work in some capacity or not. In addition, we can help you challenge the insurance company’s decision and, if necessary, sue them to obtain the benefits you are entitled to if your insurance company believes you can work and terminates your help, but your healthcare providers don’t.

Although they can occur in a variety of other circumstances as well, LTD and disability insurance disputes frequently arise in the setting of personal injury cases. No matter what caused your injuries, our experts can assist you in filing a factual claim and enforcing your rights against an unreasonable insurance provider.


For more than 45 years, we have assisted people with their disability claims in Burlington, Halton, and the surrounding areas. We are aware of the requirements for a successful claim for disability benefits. We can help you with your first application, with appeals of insurance company judgments, and, if necessary, challenge a final insurer determination in court. To give you the financial security you require to move on with your life; we will work to get you the benefits to which you are entitled.

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